Cute small family photos in Tampa park


We absolutely love the people we get to work with. We have been friends with Claire and Kheng for many years now and it was such a fun family photography session! Their daughter was such an angel and you can really see the connection between C&K.

This family photo session happened to not be in Tampa, Florida but in Utah! We had lived there for a few years while Kayla was finishing up school at BYU and we became friends with C&K because Kayla had gone on a study abroad to Europe and they were all in the same group (check out Kayla’s article about that). We had an open night while in Utah and it worked out perfectly that we could squeeze a family photo session in right during sunset.

It was such a great time, and the location we went to was the Provo amphitheater, which oh my gosh! it is such an adorable location for all types of photos sessions. but you must make sure if you go. look to make sure there are not plays running during that time or you will not be able to use the actual theater. There is also a grove of trees that bloom at the end of summer which let you get some absolutely dreamy photos!

The photos really speak for themselves and we imagine using this location every time we end up in Utah for a photo shoot.


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