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Here Are Our Tampa Photography Location Recommendations


There are so many great Tampa photography locations. From living here most of our lives, we have found some of the most adorable Tampa photography locations that are great to use for all session types. We have tried to gather a wide variety of our favorite Tampa photography locations: beaches, cities, parks, and downtown areas. (This page is always in progress and we are still working on finishing videos for each spot so more will be added soon.) See what our customers are saying. (Reviews)


Our photo sessions are not limited to the Tampa Photography locations on this list. The truth is we love trying new locations. if you have a location in mind for your photography session please let us know and we would love to try it with you.


Fred Howard Park Beach

Location Type: Beach & Park
Address: Howard Park Causeway, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
Parking fee: $5

Fred Howard is such a fun spot for a photoshoot. The majority of people like to spend all of a photo session on the beach and you know what? That’s okay because it is absolutely gorgeous for photos.

There is also a large park before the beach that makes this location very diverse in what it offers. Normally it is not crowded with people during the week making it very easy to capture all the great spots around the beach. Depending on if it is low or high tide (you want low tide), it opens up a few spots on the beach that make for some unique photos. When it is low tide, you get some amazing large rocks that are covered in vines giving it a real island feel. If you can, low tide is the time to go but if that doesn’t work out, you have some of the best palm trees around to work if. This beach is the definition of Florida in a good way. (Great for photos not swimming!)

Philippe Park

Location Type: Park
Address: 2525 Philippe Pkwy, Safety Harbor, FL 34695
Parking fee: None

Let me tell you, Philippe Park is a total hotspot! If you don’t already have photos here, I am clearly not doing my job right. This park some would say is to die for. From the large tree canopy over the road to the beautiful brick stairways, it is a total package. All this said depending on the time of day and day of the week, there can be a lot of other people out taking photos as well. It is a great location if you love the Florida green to really show in your photos. It is by far one of the top Tampa photography locations.

Indian Rocks Beach

Location Type: Beach
Address: 1700 Gulf Blvd, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785
Parking fee: $5

This beach is great for photo sessions. Between the beautiful sand and tall seagrass, there are so many picture-perfect spots for a photo shoot. Indian Rocks Beach is significantly less busy with fewer people running around compared to other beaches in the area. This makes sessions here feel very relaxed and calm compared to some other locations where there are people everywhere. My wife and I love this beach so much it that is is our go-to vacation spot. There are many local delicious restaurants around making it great to grab a fun local meal after a photoshoot.

Honeymoon Island

Location Type: Beach
Address: 1 Causeway Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698
Parking fee: $5

I don’t know why, but I always seem to forget about Honeymoon Island in my initial recommendations to people looking for beach photography. Then, I catch myself and always send a follow-up email saying, “Wait wait wait, here is one more amazing location to consider!” Consider this your follow up email 🙂 This beach is hands down one of the best beaches on this list. With the amazing white sand, the captivating dark granite rocks that rest in the beautiful saltwater, all captured during or around sunset making a perfect Florida beach picture that you will love for a lifetime. With my ranting and raving out of the way, this beach can get a little more crowded, especially on the weekend with both people attending the beach and other family photoshoots occurring.

Downtown New Port Richey

Location Type: City
Address: Grand Blvd &, Bank St, New Port Richey, FL 34652
Parking fee: None

People always overlook downtown New Port Richey or Sims Park for photos. I do understand why, but those thoughts are based on this area a few years ago. The city has spent lots of time and money making this area great. They took it from an old rundown, stale park and completely torn down, reworked, rebuilt and updated it to have a very clean new feeling. All of the work they did really paid off and now it makes for a great photography location. There is a large sound stage, big beautiful trees, a river walk, and some boardwalks around the lake that makes for some adorable pictures. Once you wander into actual downtown, there are some great super cute older buildings that really bring you home to the classic New Port Richey feel.


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