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We had the opportunity to do a photo session with Glenda previously. This time, she wanted to bring her entire family along for some pictures. We met in Ybor, where we had never been before and LOVED it! There’s a bunch of places to take photos that give that urban, downtown feel with a twist. There’s the main area with the movie theater, but there’s a ton of alleyways with some interesting details. Plus, there was rooster EVERYWHERE which we were not anticipating. We decided to stick with the most popular area, but we definitely want to go back and explore.

We loved getting to know her family’s story. Glenda and her husband met on Instagram when he lived in Australia and she lived here. They corresponded back and forth for a little while and then decided they wanted to meet in person. They met in London and the rest is history! Now they are married and have two darling boys as you can tell from these pictures.

Here’s just a glimpse of some of the places we went when walking around Ybor. We went early in the morning and there’s no one around which was awesome. This photo session went seamlessly and it was such a pleasure to work with Glenda and her family.


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