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We had a BLAST during our session with the Bolter Family. They live in the more beautiful part of Gulf Harbor so we had the opportunity to visit the private beach in their neighborhood. Giant boulders scattered along the beach in the soft, white sand. There’s a bunch of swaying palm trees, weather-beaten dock and one of the best sunsets we’ve ever had. There’s no one else walking around so we had an amazing shoot.

The Bolter had all of their children together for the first time in months so it was a sweet experience watching all the children interact with each other. We took a lot of pictures but the time went by quickly with their sweet humor. We were laughing every second during the session. Once we went home, it took us a long time to sift through the photos and pick out our favorites since there were so many amazing shots. Some of our favorites are more lifestyle shots and the ones with all the kids together. It’s fun to see their individual personalities shine through the photo.

We love getting the opportunity to meet such incredible people and this family was no exception. Thank you for choosing us to take photos for you!


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