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Senior Photos at East High From High School Musical

Kensley was visiting Utah from Florida with her family and she grew up loving High School Musical like most teens growing up in the 2000s. She thought it would be a fun idea to take some of her senior photos at the school. We found out that during the summer, East High is open for free tours and bam we booked the day and headed up to make this photoshoot happen!  

Sharpay’s Pink Locker

The day was awesome! We had the school practically all to ourselves to explore. There was no one in sight to bug us or tell us, “No, you cannot stand on that table.” So you guessed it, we ended up standing on tables!  

  East High Stair Case When you get to the school you can stop by the main offices and they will hand you a slip of paper that has the locations of all the spots in the school that got used to film the movie, High School Musical. So with that in hand, we went exploring and snapping shots that tried to capture that wildcat spirt!  

  The Front Entrance Our exploring led as to all of the main “famous spots” of the movie. Kensley really loved it and that’s why we do everything we can to focus on our clients’ dreams. We happened to pop out in front of the school while looking for a certain hallway and the lighting was absolutely perfect for some shots. We utilized some cool planters they had out front as well as some benches to capture some of the best shots of the trip and it is all by accident.  

Our Tip’s For Senior Photos at East High, The Set of High School Musical

  1. Don’t be rushed. Plan for at least an hour, but we recommend more.
  2. Do some research before to make sure tours are open to the public the day you are looking to go.
  3. Get the map/list available at the school office
  4. Match the outfit to the school color (red or white)
  5. Watch the movies and have fun!

Visiting East High for senior photos was such a fun experience for all of us and would recommend to any High School Musical fan. If you are interested in booking us for your senior photos, please use the button below.


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