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Provo Canyon Fall Engagement Photo Session

Maya & Josh were such a blast to hang out with in Provo Canyon. We used this location a lot for engagements and family photography because it is so beautiful. It is perfect all year round, with beautiful trees, a river with a bridge, cute walking paths and open fields with killer views. This session just turned out perfect. It was not hot even though it was late summer and the light was incredible.

Maya is original from Florida and out to Utah for school. That is where she met Josh and it was happily ever after. We also shot their wedding you can find that (here).

When we shoot engagement sessions, our main focus is capturing the feeling of love between the couple. We find if we are too worried about all of the technical things, the photos just do not turn out the same and you can tell the photos lack life. Here, for example, you can see and feel the love Maya and Josh have for each other and that is what we strive for every time we shoot engagement photos.


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