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Our Top 7 Tips For What to Wear to Your Photo Session

One of the questions we get asked the most is, “What do I wear to my photo session?” We want you to be the most prepared and ready to have a great experience with us and love the photos for years to come. So much of this comes down to wardrobe, so we thought this would be a beneficial blog post for you. Here are our suggestions: 

1. Coordinating Outfits 

Focus on creating coordinating outfits but not matching. Matching clothing can make photos feel dated in some situations, so instead focus on finding a color palette that you can base all the outfits around, so the clothing does not clash. 

You may be wondering what a color palette is? Or isn’t that just a fancy way of saying match colors? So here is what we mean when we say choose a color pallet vs. match. 

A color palette is a wide range of complementary colors that work with each other and allow for much more freedom in small and large group photos. For example, in our main image above on this post, you notice how the family are all wearing jeans or khaki pants and that those colors work well great together. If they were trying to match, they would have all the same color jeans on. This would result in the image having too much of the same color blue making everyone’s legs blend together.

We usually recommend choosing a color palette, but we have seen matching outfits work very well for young children for a more dressed up look. See the image below for an example.

When choosing a color palette for your photo session, it is crucial to think about how you plan on using your photos. Do you plan on printing the images? Are you going to make an album? Maybe put them in a scrapbook? Point 4. will help you think about your matching your home decor.

2. Patterns Vs. Solids

Limit the patterns you wear and stick with solids as much as possible. Patterns add much visual interest to an outfit, so we love patterns as long as they are larger. Small, tiny prints warp in the camera lens and appear distorted in photos. We suggest including one or two large patterns into your family’s outfits to make your photos stand out. When choosing solids, go for color! We love color and how it can show off everyone’s personality. While we love color, don’t pick anything neon because it can mess with color correction and make skin tones appear distorted.

3. Pick Classic Pieces

Gravitate towards classic pieces rather than trendy clothing. Choosing trendy pieces dates your clothing and doesn’t have that timeless feeling. Also, stay away from words and characters on clothing because they can be distracting in photos.

4. Think Of Your Home Decor

An essential aspect if you would like to display these photos in your home, keep the color of your walls and decor in mind when curating your outfits. People often skip this, but if you can coordinate the colors, it brings the whole room together.

5. Accessorize

Accessories make or break an outfit. Jewelry pulls an outfit together but can be distracting if there’s too much going on. Make sure to wear one statement piece or a couple of simple pieces that pull your outfit together. Also, if you wear glasses, feel free to wear them in the photos because we want you to look like yourself. However, please leave them off if they have transitional lenses.

6. Comfort Is Key! 

When you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, you seem more confident in photos. That doesn’t mean rocking pajamas or sweat pants but finding lovely pieces that help elevate you without being too restricting.

7. Plan For The Weather

Last but not least, plan for the weather! We typically don’t shoot in the rain, but if it’s a colder, windy day or super hot, plan accordingly. We want you to be as comfortable as possible! 

If you have any specific questions regarding styling or booking your photo session, feel free to send an email to


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